Mobile Email

Many email users access email through the internet on their computer. With modern technology, email can now be accessed over Wifi on a smartphone or iWatch. Receiving and sending email by mobile phone has revolutionised the immediacy of modern emailing. The International Data Corporation released a study in 2013 which found that 78 percent of 7,400 email users between the ages of 18 and 44 years old check their email on their mobile phones.

Acquiring email on your mobile device is quite simple. For iPhones, equipped is an App Store where numerous email postings like Gmail and Yahoo are available for downloading. Once downloaded, simply input your email information i.e. password, host name, and phone number. Ultimately your email's inbox, trash, and folders will be available right on your phone.

For Android users, the process is very similar. Make sure to have our website's domain name, email address, and password handy. Open your desired email client on your phone and input your email address and password on the Account Setup page. Choose an account type on the next page. It is recommended to choose IMP for all Android mobile users.